Program times:

Each Saturday and Sunday from 7.00 pm to 9.00 pm (cet).

[central european time (cet)].

Streaming format:

64 Kbit/s - 22050 Hertz - Stereo - Mp3 (Lame)

You'll find this program:

---SHOUTcast =


Download Streamer:

P2P Streaming is an egalitarian method of distributing a broadcast online.

Please use Streamer !!!

Here is the simble way to listen the songs of ((( JazzDB ))) via P2P:

1.) Download the current version of Streamer

2.) Install the Streamer

Streamer is a free player:

File name: installstreamerbroadcaster.exe - File size: 6.81 MB - Version: 2.20

After you have the player installed just click the link below to listen or select the station from the player interface:

For Windows users only.

Thank you for your help !

Please look for more information at the official website of STREAMER.